The issue N° 4 of STREULICHT is dedicated to the haptic and tactile qualities of photography and the aspect of touch in both the technical and figurative senses. The theme of touch allows for a broad range of associations and possibilities – from emotional participation to the processes that lay behind the contact sheet and re-touching.

Skin to skin with the viewer’s perceptions and with the depicted subject itself, photography stands right on a border where glances touch and are exchanged. There is a reason that the term film literally denotes skin. Among other things, the photographic element reveals itself through perceptions that go beyond pure optics to challenge the tactile sense, which is perceived through feeling, penetrating, touching. For this 4th edition of STREULICHT, a magazine for photography & related matters we would like to make these forms of (photographic) seeing, of bodily and sensual experience, our point of departure.

Birgit Brandis
Martin Soto Climent
Andreas Gruber
Sophie Haslinger
Caroline Heider
Maximilian Hochstätter
Marion & Philippe Jacquier
Linda Klösel
Philipp König
Susanne Kriemann
Antonia Lant & Alexandra Seibel
Tina Lechner
Mila Moschik
Vanessa Joan Müller
Lisa Oppenheim
Martin Reinhart
Rebekka Reuter
Max Schaffer
Andreas Spiegl
Christian Witt-Dörring
Antoinette Zwirchmayr

Jonathan Hernández
fabberlounge / Andreas Schwirtz
Vik Muniz

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